Volkswagen Bora PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

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Volkswagen Bora PDF Workshop, Service and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!!

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Volkswagen Bora PDF Service Repair Manuals

Volkswagen Bora

Volkswagen Bora Workshop PDF Manuals Free Download

Title File Size Download Link
Volkswagen Bora (1998-2005) Service Manual.pdf 2.3Mb Download
Volkswagen Bora 1998-2000 Service and Repair Manual.rar 35.8Mb Download
Volkswagen Bora 1999 Service Manual.pdf 19.6Mb Download
Volkswagen Bora 2001-2003 Service Manual.pdf 103.7Mb Download
Volkswagen Bora 2006 Service Manual – Electrical Systems.pdf 8.6Mb Download
Volkswagen Bora 2006 Service Manual.pdf 17.8Mb Download
Volkswagen Bora 2006 Workshop Repair Manuals.pdf 8.6Mb Download

Volkswagen Bora

Volkswagen Bora – a compact class sedan manufactured by the Volkswagen concern from 1998 to 2005 and replacing the Volkswagen Vento model.

The Volkswagen Bora sedan debut took place in the spring of 1998. The name of the car translated from the Italian means “cold wind blowing from the mainland to the Adriatic in winter”. The model starts to be launched in 1999. In the US market, the car was called the Volkswagen Jetta IV.

In 1999, presented a versatile vehicle called Variant.

In 2004, the production of Volkswagen Bora Variant was discontinued.

In 2005, the production of Volkswagen Bora has stopped in Europe. Jetta V. But in other countries this model continues to be manufactured under the name Volkswagen Jetta IV.

In 2008 the model was updated.

Model description

The car is built on the platform of the Golf IV, but apparently little resembles the familiar hatchback Golf elements of the new design of the front. Volkswagen Bora has broken the hatchback Golf on 230 mm: the length of a 5-seater car – 4380 mm. At 220 mm, the extended rear hangs, which increased the useful luggage space to 455 l. Significant changes in the model occurred not only in the rear, but also in the front of the car, for example, headlights, hood, wings, radiator lining, not to mention bumpers. The design of Bora differs severity. The long-term preservation of the car is provided by a zinc-zinc body. The warranty period for cross-corrosion is 12 years.

Sedans intended for the European market can be equipped with seven variants of engines: five gasoline and two turbodiesels. Turbodiesels have the same volume – 1.9 liters, but different inflation pressure and, accordingly, power: 90 and 115 bhp.

The range of petrol engines includes:

  • 1.6 l power 100 hp
  • 2.0 l power 115 hp
  • 1.8 liters power 125 hp
  • 2.3 l power 150 hp (VR5)
  • 2.8 liters capacity 204 hp (VR6)

In addition to the base model, there are three performances in which Bora looks even more comfortable and attractive: Comfortline, Highline and Trendline.

Bora Trendline – Sports style. Its main differences are the Avus alloy wheels and sporty front seats, adjustable in height.

The Bora Comfortline is a car of high comfort. In the back of the front seats are adjustable lumbar supports, which reduce fatigue in a distant road. Electric windshield wipers. Exterior mirrors – with heating and synchronized electric adjustments. Lunch steering wheel and lever arms are leather-coated. From the technical research, a rain sensor is offered.

Bora Highline is an option for the most demanding buyers. The exterior of the car is distinguished by the Le Castellet alloy wheels, low profile tires of the 205th dimension, fog lamps and valuable timber inserts in the handle of the door handles and the middle console. In interior trim of the salon it is worthwhile to allocate an onboard computer, radio control with a central lock, the security alarm system, an electric hatch.

Great importance is given to active security. Therefore, for example, in case of emergency braking, the control of the car is assisted by the ABS with the function of the electronic distributive of the braking forces. In addition, in the complete set with almost any of the proposed engines, at the request of the buyer put the automatic exchange rate stability. The sensors of this system continuously monitor the behavior of the car on the road. If Bora falls into a critical situation due to excessive or insufficient turning, the automatic will slow down the corresponding wheels. This will prevent the front or rear axle from being inserted and will provide the course stability of the car.

The complete set of the basic model includes: power steering, steering column with departure and tilt control, tinted heat-shielding, driver’s seat with height adjustment, central lock.

The carcass is further enhanced in the most important places. In the event of an accident, the main part of the impact energy is absorbed by the longitudinal bars of the frame, and the interior remains almost entire. Two front inflatable pillows and pyrotechnic emergency tensioners for front seat belts were also serially tested.

On the folding back of the rear seat there was an additional safety measure, the locks of the back are locked with the key so that at the parking place the thieves could not break the glass, breaking through the trunk from the cabin. And outside the luggage compartment cover is unlocked with the help of an electric lock – not a mechanical key, but by pressing a button hidden from dirt under a rubber gasket.

In addition to the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, which had the designation 4Motion. All-wheel drive improves driveability on wet and slippery and snow-covered roads.

Options are also offered a lot. The list of most desirable ones includes three-point rear seat belts, bumpers, body color, CD changer, climate control, front fog lights, seat heater, leather seat covers, parking sensors, full-size spare wheel, sports seats and anti-theft system.

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