Ford Wiring Diagrams

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Ford Wiring Diagrams

Here are wiring diagrams for Ford Escort, F-series, Fiesta, Focus, Mustang, Ranger, Kuga and Many other’s.

Title File Size Download Link
Ford Escort 1990-1999 Electrical Schematics + wiring Diagrams.pdf 8.6Mb Download
Ford Escort 1991-1999 Wiring Diagram.pdf 2Mb Download
Ford Escort ewd Wiring Diagrams.jpg 1.3Mb Download
Ford F-250 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Ford F-350 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Ford F-350 2002 Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 8.4Mb Download
Ford F-450 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Ford F-550 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Ford F250 2011 Wiring Diagram.jpg 460.2kb Download
Ford Fiesta 2003 Electric Schematic.pdf 328.5kb Download
Ford Fiesta Electric Schematic.pdf 14.1Mb Download
Ford Focus 2001 SE Wiring Diagrams.PDF 14.8Mb Download
Ford Focus 2002 Wiring Diagrams.pdf 3Mb Download
Ford Focus 2010 Service Manual + Wiring Diagrams.pdf 6.4Mb Download


Ford Focus 2010 Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 6.5Mb Download
Ford Focus ewd Wiring Diagram.jpg 76.5kb Download
Ford Focus Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 6.4Mb Download
Ford Focus Wiring Diagrams.jpg 291.8kb Download
Ford Mustang 1966 Exterior lighting.jpg 240.2kb Download
Ford Mustang 2000 Radio Wiring Diagram.png 214.8kb Download
Ford Mustang wiring diagram 1968.gif 184.7kb Download
Ford 6 (1958 )Wiring Diagrams.jpg 347.5kb Download
Ford E-series Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 6.3Mb Download
Ford Escape Wiring Diagrams.pdf 9.2Mb Download
Ford Excursion 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Ford Galaxy 2006 Wiring Diagrams.rar 81.3Mb Download
Ford Granada ewd.pdf 1.9Mb Download
Ford Ignition Switch Wiring Diagrams.gif 10.1kb Download
Ford Kuga Mk1 Workshop Manual + Wiring Diagrams (PDF).pdf 76.1Mb Download


Ford Orion 1990-1999 Electrical Wiring Diagram.pdf 8.6Mb Download
Ford S-MAX 2006 Electrical Wiring Diagram.rar 81.3Mb Download
Ford Sierra Wiring Diagram.pdf 2.5Mb Download
Ford Super Duty Series 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.pdf 5.8Mb Download
Ford Taurus charging system wiring diagram.jpg 39.7kb Download
Ford Torino Montego 1973 Wire Diagram Manual.pdf 1.2Mb Download
Ford Truck 1956 Wiring Diagram.jpeg.jpg 81.7kb Download
Ford Truck 1973-1979 Wiring Diagrams amp Schematics.jpg 994.3kb Download
Ford Wiring Diagrams Manual (PDF).pdf 8.4Mb Download
Ford Ranger 2010 Diagrama de Cableado EWD.pdf 1.7Mb Download
Ford Ranger Diagramas de cableado EWD.pdf 12.3Mb Download
Ford Ranger Diagramas Eléctricos.pdf 3.8Mb Download
Ford Ranger EV 2001 Wiring Manual.pdf 3.5Mb Download
Ford Ranger PX 2015 Wiring Diagrams.rar 39.3Mb Download

22 thoughts on “Ford Wiring Diagrams

  1. Ricardo

    I am searching the Ford Workshop Repair Manual and Wiring Diagrams Manual for a Ford Ecosport 2008
    Can you please upload it? Thanks in advance

  2. Filga

    Hi, I could not find Ford Explorer 2006 4.0L wiring diagram. Could please help me.

  3. Cristina Jones

    Im looking for the wiring diagram for the 2016 Ford Fusion 2.5?

  4. Brian

    Hi I’m looking for the wiring schematics of a 1994 Ford E-350, it should have the two batteries in the engine bay, thank you in advance.

  5. Carl Franklin Aldous

    Hi! I am looking for 2014 Ford Everest Fuse box diagram

  6. Adolf Regier

    Hi I’m looking for an engine wiring diagram for a 2009 Ranger. Rodents chewed the harness. Thanks

  7. Derek Southern

    Hi I am looking for ford cougar 1999 engine harness especially c3001 plug. Thanks

  8. roberto montesi

    Hi, I am looking for Ford Edge ST-Line Wiring diagram for both series available on Italian market
    ST-Line 2.0 AWD 210 CV and ST-Line 2.0 AWD 238 CV

    Thank you in advance

  9. Anthony

    Hi my name is Anthony I was hoping that I could get from you the wiring diagram for a 2003 Ford ranger FX1 the diagrams that I am looking for are the connectors for the multi function switch connectors c202a and c202b what happened is I pulled the connectors off to change the MGS because my turn signals where not working and both the connectors fell apart when I unplugged them I have purchased the new connectors but I need to know which wire goes to what pin out also I hope that it has which number corresponds to the pin out on the plug just to make sure that they are correctly printed on the plug. Thank you in advance I really appreciate it this has been a nightmare . Anthony

  10. Jack

    Hi I’m looking for the wiring diagram for the 2016 Ford F250 trying to trace power windows,
    Thank you

  11. Charles Espenshade

    Looking for pin-out diagram for 1997 mustang 3.8l main engine harness connector. It’s located on pass corner near firewall in engine compartment. I have pic of plug but can’t post it here.

  12. Wolf

    Needing the wiring diagram for an E350 Super duty diesel church bus that has the passenger side wheel chair lift for handicapped. Mfg date of this E350 is 05/04.

  13. Schoene

    needing a wiring diagram for engine cables and pieces of FORD S-Max 2009 , 2.2 tdci. can you help me ? i have to find shortcut that is shown in autoaid. Thanks a lot !
    You could change my disaster to good luck 🙂

  14. Brenda

    Looking for a wiring diagram for a 1974 Ford Maverick…help please?

  15. Rob Knox

    looking for a wiring diagram for a 1991 Ford F150 instrument panel (tachometer)

  16. William Wilt

    I’m trying to find the ignition wiring diagram for a 1971 f-350 with a 360 engine, that I can download for free. Can you help me?

  17. Robert Wahlstrom

    I’m looking for a wiring diagram for a 201 f150 fx4 sunroof switch

  18. Michael P Russell

    Am looking for a Ford Ranger 2022 Electrical Wiring Diagram for (Specifically Backup Lights) but will accept the Rear Lights Electrical Wiring Diagram (EWD)

  19. Nolan Landry Jr

    I am looking for wiring diagram for brake and turn signals 2007 sport trac.

  20. Robert W. Nelson

    Would you please down load a copy of the Ford Early 1999 F-350 electrical wiring diagram. I’m replacing my 1999 tow mirrors (electric mirror positioning only) with updated 2004 tow mirrors with all the goodies ( heat, signals, parking lamps, and puddle lights, and of course electric mirror positioning) Having trouble with the factory mirror positioning systems.
    Thank You


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