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Direct exhaust. Pros and cons of direct-flow exhaust


 Direct exhaust. Pros and cons of direct-flow exhaust True car tuning enthusiasts probably don’t represent their cars without direct exhaust. However, not everyone knows when and on which cars a direct exhaust will serve not only as decoration, but will also perform certain functions. Agree, snarling pretty worn penny with a huge pipe instead of a muffler, looks… Read More »



 ABARTH 500C Review There are very few cars in the world, which have no competitors at all. Abarth 500C is one of them. At the heart of the car is the Fiat 500 model. However, only the body was taken from it. In the rest we have a radically new almost retro car, bitten by the scorpion of… Read More »

Acura MDX – review of the Japanese crossover


 Acura MDX – review of the Japanese crossover Honda has not lost its way by launching the Acura brand in its North American concern. The next car, like all its predecessors, justified its appearance. It is for those people who can and want to afford to buy an expensive and solid car in their possession. Moreover, he re-united… Read More »



 ALFA ROMEO 4C SPIDER Review In the first half of 2015, the launch of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, the logical continuation of the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe, a compact two-seater sports car, launched in 2013, was launched. The car, like its basic model, has a carbon monocoque body, which made it very light, although the Spider is… Read More »

Ariel Atom – exotic superbike


 Ariel Atom – exotic superbike High-performance open-top roadster Ariel Atom (PDF manuals is here) produced by Ariel Motor in Somerset, England. It is built on an exoskeleton frame and has such a small body that it is difficult to agree with the theme of a light sports car. Although the total production is only about 100 cars per… Read More »