Hyundai Equus PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

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Hyundai Equus PDF Workshop, Service and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!!

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Hyundai Equus PDF Service Manual

Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus PDF manuals

Title File Size Download Link
Hyundai Equus 2009 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 27.7Mb Download
Hyundai Equus 2010 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 41.3Mb Download
Hyundai Equus 2011 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 10.7Mb Download
Hyundai Equus 2012 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 10.7Mb Download
Hyundai Equus 2013 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 10.2Mb Download
Hyundai Equus 2014 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 10.2Mb Download
Hyundai Equus 2015 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 13.3Mb Download
Hyundai Equus 2016 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 16.3Mb Download

Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus, also known as Hyundai Centennial in the Middle and Middle East, is a full-size luxury car, the flagship model of Hyundai, derived from the Latin word “Horse.” The biggest and most expensive sedan in the company’s lineup.

The successor of Equus from 2016 is the Genesis G90 (Genesis EQ900 on the Korean market).

First generation

In 1999, Hyundai and Mitsubishi introduced the car. Hyundai said that the model will compete with Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 in the Korean market. In fact, the car had to compete with SsangYong Chairman. The sedan was very popular in the country, but it was not exported to foreign countries. Design of the first generation was developed by Mitsubishi, which named its model Proudia. Then the companies were allies. Later appeared a limousine, built on the basis of the original car – Mitsubishi Dignity, which was sold in the Japanese market. Hyundai limousine left with the same name – Hyundai Equus, and sold at a price of 92,510,000 South Korean won. In 2003, Hyundai updated Equus, while Mitsubishi stopped producing Proudia and Dignity.

The second generation

In March 2009, Hyundai updated the car, indicating the updated model code name “VI”. “VI”, in comparison with the old Equus, had a rear-wheel drive, an elongated wheelbase and various engines. “VI” was based on a new platform. Nevertheless, the name remained old, as in South Korea Equus was associated as a prestigious car. In August 2009, the car began to be sold in China. In 2010, the model debuted at the North American International Auto Show. Also, the car hit the top ten most interesting models for the Forbes version in 2010.

In July 2013, the assembly of cars began at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad.


In 2009, Hyundai introduced a limousine based on Equus. It is 300 mm longer and equipped with a 5-liter V8. The interior of the car was also improved in comparison with the sedan – in the limousine there is a bar and a massage system in the armchairs.