Citroen AX PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

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Citroen AX PDF Workshop, Service and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!!

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Citroen AX PDF manuals

Citroen AX

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In the spring of 1983, Citroen LN was replaced by a new model – Citroen AX. She is in one “company” with Soviet Tavria, French Renault 5 and Peugeot 205, Italian Fiat Uno, German Fiesta Ford, Volkswagen Polo or English Austin Metro. Like its rivals, the Citroen AX is a front-wheel-drive car with a transversely positioned motor. In size, it is smaller than all the above models, so that it could be attributed to micro-liter cars (with a cylinder capacity of less than 1000 cm3), if not for the volume of cylinders used on it motors, according to which the Citroen AX is a small car.

The Citroen AX body is a very successful design and produces a pleasant impression, but the originality, which is usually inherent in all Citroen, it does not have and it can be identified as a Citroen by an asymmetrically arranged emblem on the hood, depicting the meshing of the two chevron gears (the André Citroën plant, car, produced gears with chevron gearing) The body with rounded corners and edges has an excellent coefficient of streamlining, and as a result of this the car has a low fuel consumption and a high maximum

The Citroën AX saloon in the front is comfortable and spacious, almost like a mid-sized car (a liter). However, this convenience and spaciousness ends behind the backs of the front seats, and it is convenient to sit on the back from the rear only for children, and adults can withstand only trips for short distances. In the cabin there are a lot of shelves and pockets, as well as a glove box. The back of the rear seat is separate and can be reclined in parts. In general, the comfort of the cabin is good, despite the compact dimensions of the Stroen AH.

But the comfort of the suspension (independent, ahead of the McPherson type, rear torsion) for such a small (3.5 m) and light (707 kg) car is simply amazing – even for a French car. Thanks to the comfortable suspension of the wheels, the Citroen AX is suitable for long trips, which distinguishes it from its closest rivals, Peugeot 205 and Renault 5, designed for a large city. In addition, the Citroen AX is stable on the go and well preserves the direction of movement.

If you add that the Citroen AX (ridge type) steering is light and precise, and the motors are quite “temperamental”, then in the big city you can get the same pleasure from driving as you would on the Austin Metro. The main reason for this great comfort is the great course of the suspension, which is also a big plus in another: on our roads the suspension will not “break through”.

By the way, about the motors. The Citroën AX uses the same engines as Peugeot 205, Citroen Visa, Peugeot 104 and Talbo Samba. For installation on the Citroen AX they are recycled and have the following indices: 945 cm3 (42 hp, consumption of AI-98 gasoline less than 6 l per 100 km), 1124 cm3 (55 hp, 7.5 l AI-98 100 km), 1361 cm3 (61 hp, 8 l AI-98 per 100 km). Depending on which motor is installed, the models are called AX 10, AX 11 and AX 14.

All motors have an “upper” camshaft driven by a toothed belt, and the valves are adjusted in an “old” way – with the help of an adjusting screw, which is certainly easier than selecting the washers.

To sum up, we can say that Citroen AX is a paradoxical machine: it is very small, but at the same time it is spacious; very easy, but comfortable; fast, but economical and combines the advantages of a large and small car. It is a pity only that he can work exclusively on gasoline AI-98. True, a 1.0 liter (945 cm3) engine can withstand AI-93 gasoline with a 2 ° reduction in ignition.

The Citroen AX is equipped with a secure stereo system code, a rear window washing and cleaning system, adjustable door mirrors and a seatbelt locking system for the front seats. The interior of the interior is used brilliantly, giving room for the feet and heads of the driver and passengers.

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