Audi TT PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

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Audi TT PDF Workshop, Service and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!!

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Audi TT PDF Service Manuals

Audi TT

Audi TT Service Repair Manuals Free Download

Title File Size Download Link
Audi TT 2007 Workshop Manual.rar 169.7Mb Download
Audi TT Coupe 1998 Service Manual.pdf 26.3Mb Download
AUDI TT Electrical Wiring Diagram.pdf 2Mb Download
Audi TT Roadster Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.4Mb Download
Audi TT RS with the 2.5L TFSI Engine – Self-Study Program PDF.pdf 2.6Mb Download
Audi TT Self-study program 207.pdf 3.9Mb Download
Audi TT, TTS, TTRS Coupé Owners Manual.pdf 97.2Mb Download
Audi TT weaker’s Guide.pdf 1.1Mb Download

Audi TT

Audi TT – compact coupe of the German company Audi. It is produced in 1998 in Gyреr, Hungary.

The development of the Audi TT began in September 1994 in the Audi Design Center in California. For the first time the TT was shown as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1995. Design was entrusted to Jay Mays, Freeman Thomas and Martin Smith, who developed a successful interior design . Adaptation for previously unused seamless laser welding for the 1st generation TT delayed the production of the car.

Production of the model is arranged in two stages. At the factory in the city of Ingolstadt (Germany), bodies (chassis) are manufactured, which are then transported to the city of Gy (r (Hungarian Győr) (Hungary) at the plant of the company Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. At this plant, where the development and production of engines for Volkswagen vehicles is also taking place, the production process for the Audi TT is being completed. The Audi plant in Gyреr with a capacity of 40,000 pieces per year was opened in 1992.

Initially Audi did not include in the list of options an automatic gearbox. The 6-speed automatic torque converter box became available in 2002, and the DSG (S-Tronic) was later, in 2003.

First generation

In 1998, Audi representatives produced the experimental TT (8N) model, which did not have a reverse gear. This was a protest against the German law, which allowed German drivers to drive at a speed of 12 km / h in reverse on the technical (black) strip of the German autobahns. But since it was an experimental model, such Audi TTs were produced in only 320 pieces.

The second generation

The next generation of the car, the Audi TT Coupe (8J) was introduced at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. In addition to visual changes in the exterior and interior, the adaptive damping system Audi Magnetic Ride was also introduced on this car for the first time (it is offered as an option). In addition, the new TT uses in the development of the ASF (Audi Space Frame), a combination of materials from aluminum and steel, which made the car easier. A car with a turbocharged engine of 2.0 liters (8N3, in-line, four-cylinder) with a power of 147 kW (200 hp) and a 3.2-liter (BHE, V-shaped six-cylinder) with an output of 184 kW (250 l) . from.). Both are equipped with a double clutch S Tronic (formerly DSG). On the basis of the first spring of 2008 was presented recently developed 1.8-liter TFSI with a capacity of 118 kW (160 hp). Also there was a model with a 2.0-liter diesel engine with 125 kW (170 hp). The new TT Roadster was introduced in March 2007.

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