Hyundai Porter PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

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Hyundai Porter PDF Workshop, Service and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!!

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Hyundai Porter PDF Service Manuals

Hyundai Porter

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Hyundai Porter Workshop Manuals free Download PDF

Title File Size Download Link
Hyundai Porter Ⅱ 2006 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 11.5Mb Download
Hyundai Porter Ⅱ 2008 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 10.8Mb Download
Hyundai Porter Ⅱ 2013 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 7.5Mb Download
Hyundai Porter Ⅱ 2015 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 8Mb Download
Hyundai Porter Ⅱ 2017 – PDF Owner’s Manuals.pdf 32.2Mb Download
Hyundai Porter II Service Repair Manual.rar 30.5Mb Download

Hyundai Porter

Hyundai Porter is a light commercial truck with a load capacity of up to 950 kg. Porter is a typical compact Asian city truck, designed primarily for car-clogged streets and dense traffic. It combines the comfort and controllability of a car with the consumer characteristics of a small truck. The three-seater cabin is located above the engine, the units are mounted on a rigid multi-section frame made of steel profile, short base, minimum width. A Korean Porter (or H100 – a truck with the same index as a minivan), there is a heavier modification with a load capacity of 1250 kg with a double-barreled bus and rear wheels of reduced diameter.

It is issued since January, 1977, in 1986 the second generation of model has been presented. The third generation of the machine, introduced in 1996, is still produced. From 2005 to the present time it is produced in Russia at the TagAZ plant (production of this car at the TagAZ plant was interrupted from March 2010 to June 2011). In 2006, Hyundai Porter won the “Best Commercial Car of the Year in Russia” prize. In South Korea, since 2005, the fourth generation of the model under the brand name Porter II, featuring a modern cab design, a diesel engine with a turbocharged D4CB of 123 hp (EURO-3), 126 hp, has been produced since 2005. (EURO-4) and 133 hp (EURO-5) () and low-profile rear gable wheels of 12 inches (front of normal size with 15-inch wheels). In Russia, Porter II was not officially supplied until the end of 2012.

The ancestor of the H100 and Porter is Mitsubishi L300 / Delica / Van / Truck, Porter was manufactured under license from Mitsubishi and was a copy of the L300 / Delica / Truck model, practically unchanged until 1993 (H100) and 1996 (Porter).

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