Lifan 720 Cebrium – Repair manual, spare parts catalog

By | December 9, 2017

Lifan 720 Cebrium – Repair manual, spare parts catalog

Lifan 720 Cebrium

Lifan 720 Cebrium

The original repair manual for Lifan LF720 Cebrium cars from 2012 in Russian in two volumes. The manual contains detailed information on the methods of diagnostics and repair of all units and aggregates of the Lifan 720 automobile, detailed wiring diagrams, error codes and spare parts catalog.

All three phases are defined in this manual: “diagnostics” (see fault diagnosis in each chapter), “replacement, inspection and repair, adjustment” and “final check”.

Including training, operational data, warnings, a description of the system, an explanation of the principle of operation, a component diagram, on-board checking facilities and so on. The description and explanation are based on the principle of the system working with a description of the malfunctions in terms of the system as a whole, providing theoretical guidance on maintenance, analysis and troubleshooting from the perspective of the system as a whole

Troubleshooting Including the fault symptom table, the diagnostics table, etc. The description mainly focuses on some common and potential fault symptoms and indicates their possible location, as well as remedies, helping the technical staff to perform all
the required work is most effective.

Classification of systems is performed according to the components; special instructions for inspection, detection, dismantling and installation are provided to ensure the quality and efficiency of the work.

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