Lifan 320 on a gasoline engine – Service and repair manual

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Lifan 320 on a gasoline engine – Service and repair manual

Lifan 320

Lifan 320

Color repair manual Lifan 320, operation and maintenance manual Lifan 320 from 2008 produced, equipped with gasoline engines R4 working volume of 1.3 liters.

The book contains sections on the operation manual Lifan 320, electric wiring diagrams, recommendations for vehicle maintenance.
The manual contains more than 3 thousand high-quality color photographs, step-by-step and detailing the process of repairing the car, special attention is paid to the repair, engine, body, steering, body, electrical equipment of the car.
The repair technology Lifan 320, Lifan Smiley, described in the book, was chosen for garage conditions, using a standard set of tools.

All repair and assembly and disassembly operations for the repair of mechanisms, units and assemblies of the car, in each chapter of the auto book are selected according to the principle of conducting procedures from simple to complex: from routine maintenance of equipment, adjustments of units and systems Lifan 320, Lifan Smiley, replacement of failing spare parts, to major repairs of car aggregates.

All the materials included in the manual are based on the concrete experience obtained by the qualified mechanics of the publishing house Third Rome as a result of a complete disassembly, and then a reverse assembly of Lifan Smily. The entire order of searching and diagnosing each fault is provided with unique color photos.

In the book the reader will find such sections as:

– Device Lifan 320, Lifan Smily – general information, technical data and passport data, information about the instrument panel and control devices;
– Operating instructions Lifan 320, Lifan Smiley, recommendations for the correct operation of the car – preparation for departure, advice on traffic safety;
– Malfunctions of equipment in transit – diagnostics and troubleshooting, what to do in each case;
– Maintenance Lifan 320, Lifan Smiley – complete step-by-step guide;
– Detailed description of the methods of diagnostics and repair of car components, first of all, power unit, steering, transmission, chassis, braking system, body – all necessary adjustments are indicated, small and large repairs are described;
– Electrical equipment Lifan 320, Lifan Smily – diagnostics of malfunctions, damages and main blocks;
– Schematics of electrical equipment Lifan 320, Lifan Smiley – simplify troubleshooting in electrical equipment;
– Control dimensions of the body Lifan 320, Lifan Smily;

In addition to all of the above, the publication materials will help the car owner to pick up those spare parts Lifan 320, Lifan Smiley, which he needs.

This car book will be very useful for all owners of cars Lifan 320, Lifan Smily, as well as employees of service stations, repair shops and car-care centers.

Download the “LIFAN 320 from 2008 Guide to repair and operation in color photographs

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