LIFAN 620/630 SOLANO – Service and repair manual

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LIFAN 620/630 SOLANO – Service and repair manual



Detailed reference, with numerous illustrations manual repair manual Lifan Solano / Lifan 630, as well as the Lifan 620 device, the operation and maintenance manual Lifan Solano / Lifan 620 from 2009, equipped with gasoline engines R4 16V 1, 6 liters.

This technical and repair edition will help all owners of cars Lifan Solano, Lifan 620, employees of numerous auto centers and employees from maintenance stations to maintain the car in proper working order, will allow motorists to save on repair and maintenance of their vehicles such resources as finance and time.

download – Lifan 620/630 PDF Service Manual

The brochure contains more than 3000 high-quality original photos with the necessary explanations to them, which helps to explain in detail the whole process of step-by-step repair. Lifan Solano, Lifan 620 Solano: repair operations from the engine to the car body refinement are presented, full technical characteristics of Lifan Solano, Lifan 620 Solano, the lists of problems that can happen with the equipment and recommendations for the elimination of the revealed damages are studied. In addition, this manual will help car enthusiasts to choose the right parts Lifan 620 Solano, Lifan Solano.

All works are made with reference to the conditions of the garage with professional instructions for disassembling and reassembling the units, necessary adjustments, diagnostics and repair of the units and mechanisms of the car using universal devices available for all, and only for very rare moments in the manual are recommendations for the use of special equipment, also available in public sale.
Repair on all sites is presented by the principle of increasing the complexity of its implementation: from the simplest manipulations for regular maintenance, which will be very useful for beginners, simple adjustments to Lifan Solano / Lifan 620 Solano units and / or replacement of failed parts, to full-scale, requiring increased concentration and special knowledge of repairing aggregates.

The basis of this manual is based on the richest experience of well-known and authoritative specialists of the Third Rome Rome, acquired during the total disassembly and assembly of Lifan Solano, Lifan 620. The search for any malfunction is recorded in unique illustrations.
The main chapters included in this manual:

– Lifan 620 Solano / Lifan Solano – general and passport data, panel and control devices
– Recommendations for the operation of Lifan 620 Solano / Lifan Solano – preparation of cars for departure, offers of experienced drivers for traffic safety
– Possible malfunctions on the road – what to do and how to do it under various force majeures
– Maintenance Lifan 620 Solano / Lifan Solano – complete step-by-step guide
– Necessary recommendations from experienced professionals for the repair of such components Lifan 620 Solano, Layfan Solano as its engine, transmission and chassis, brake system and steering machine, as well as assembling and dismantling of units, various mechanisms and assemblies of the car
– Electrical equipment Lifan 620 Solano / Lifan Solano – fault diagnosis, main vehicle blocks
– Electrical circuits Lifan 620 Solano / Lifan Solano – greatly simplifies the user to find faults that have arisen in electrical equipment.

In the appendices the data important for ensuring the uninterrupted daily operation of the machine is given, the data on the tightening torques of threaded joints, recommended fuel and lubricants, operating fluids (including the filling volumes), the lamps and spark plugs, and the control body dimensions.

In a separate section of our manual, its compilers put the instruction manual for Lifan Solano, Lifan 620 Solano. Also included are numerous recommendations for self-maintenance of this model and detailed circuits of electrical equipment (electroschemes) Lifan Solano, Lifan 620 Solano.

This service manual will help all owners of cars Lifan Solano, Lifan 620 not only in the garage, it will help them on the road, where in case of force majeure the brochure can often be the only way out of the current difficult situation. Also, the book will be useful to the mechanics of roadside technical services and repair shops, who will be glad to facilitate their work, having an excellent opportunity at any time to seek advice on autoliterature of excellent quality.

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