Hummer Service Manuals

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Hummer Service Manuals PDF, spare parts catalog, fault codes and wiring diagrams

Hummer PDF manuals


On this page, you can free download Hummer Service Manuals for such models as: Oreion, H1, H2, H3 and H3T.

Title File Size Download Link
Hummer H1 Service Manual.pdf 51.8Mb Download
HUMMER H2 2006 Owner Manual.pdf 3.2Mb Download
Hummer H2 Owner Manual.pdf 7.1Mb Download
Hummer H2 Workshop Repair 232.6Mb Download
Hummer H3 H3T Owner Manual.pdf 2Mb Download
Parts catalog Hummer H1.pdf 722.3kb Download

Hummer H1 Repair and Service Manuals – free download

Hummer H1

Hummer H1

Hummer H1 Army Spare Parts Catalogue

Hummer H1 Service Manual  -The service manual in English on maintenance and repair of the Hummer H1.

Parts catalog Hummer H1

Service Manual H1 Hummer 2006  – Service manual in English on the maintenance and repair of the 2006 Hummer H1.

Service Manual H1 Hummer

Tecnical Manual H1 Hummer – Manual in English on the car repair Hummer H1.

Hummer H2 Repair and Service Manuals – free download

Hummer H2

Hummer H2

Repair manual for Hummer H2, Hummer H2 operating and maintenance manual, 2002-2009, with a 6.0 liter petrol engine.

This publication includes recommendations for operation, detailed information on Hummer H2 maintenance, tips for repairing and adjusting the automatic transmission (automatic gearbox), engine components (including fuel injection, starting and charging systems), brake system components, system full drive Humer H2, including ABS (anti-lock braking system), TCS (traction control), steering the car, as well as suspension (including rear air suspension).

In addition, the manual provides the necessary instructions for the use of self-diagnosis of the QMS (engine management system) Hamer H2, automatic transmission, TCS, ABS, all-wheel drive systems, passive safety systems (SRS) and air conditioning systems.
The manual and possible malfunctions of Hummer H2, as well as the methods and variations of their elimination, the associated sizes of the main SUV parts and the limits of their acceptable wear, recommended by the experts working fluids and lubricants are given in the manual. In addition to the above, the book will help the user to pick up all the necessary parts of the Hummer H2.

All the numerous recommendations and suggestions included in this compendium will help users of the full-size SUV Hammer H2 when preparing for routine maintenance procedures. Also, this bulk material is a unique, professionally selected reference book with valuable technical information that is absolutely indispensable for a motorist during car repair procedures in the “home” conditions of a garage workshop, and when performing such operations at a station, the tips and directions of experienced specialists from the pages benefits will serve an excellent service, which can not be overemphasized, in the form of providing quality recommendations, including those capable of preventing accidental damage the repair, especially if everything will happen at the station far away from civilization, where local craftsmen can be, frankly, not enough competent in order to have peace of mind could be trusted with such a mode of transport.

At the beginning of the manual presented by the publishers, a detailed instruction on the operation of Hummer H2 is placed. Important to each user detailed information on regular self-maintenance, detailed circuits of electrical connections (wiring diagrams) Hammer H2 and descriptions of inspections of electrical equipment of models of different types of equipment are included by the compilers in separate sections of this repair manual.


Hummer H2 2002-2009 Repair and Service Manuals  -Service manual in Russian on maintenance and repair of the 2002 Hummer H2 with a 6.0 liter petrol engine.

Repair Manual Hummer H2  – Repair Manual in English on maintenance and repair of the car Hummer H2.

Hummer H3/H3T/Oreion HX-T Repair and Service Manuals – free download

Hummer H3T

Hummer H3T


Repair Manual Hummer H3  – Repair Manual in English on maintenance and repair of the Hummer H3.


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