Audi Fault Code P0037

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Audi Fault Code P0037

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Fault code P0037 Audi

P0037 Audi

Possible reasons

  • Defective oxygen sensor heater Bank 1 Sensor 2
  • The oxygen sensor fuse has blown. Bank 1 Sensor 2
  • Open circuit or short circuit of the oxygen sensor heater wiring Bank 1
  • Poor, oxidized contact in the oxygen sensor connector Bank 1, Sensor 2
  • Faulty engine management module (ECM) of Audi car
  • Fault code P0037 means that the problem is in the Lambda probe heater circuit. Moisture can get into the oxygen sensor connector and cause the oxygen sensor fuse to burn. For this error, a blown fuse is a frequent occurrence. Before replacing the oxygen sensor, it is necessary to check the condition of the fuses and oxygen sensor wiring connectors.

Fault code P0037 is detected if the engine control unit detects too low a voltage in the oxygen sensor heating circuit.

Possible symptoms of errors in Audi:

The warning “Check Engine” is on.

Description of faults P0037 Audi

The minimum operating temperature of the oxygen sensor is about 399 degrees. The faster the oxygen sensor reaches this temperature, the faster it starts to give accurate data to the engine control unit (ECM).

To get the required temperature, the heater is integrated inside the lambda probe. The engine control unit corrects the heater based on information from the coolant temperature sensor and engine load. In addition to correction, it controls the voltage level on the heater and determines the state of the circuit, comparing the received signal with the reference signal programmed in the factory.

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