Hyundai Accent PDF Workshop manuals

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Hyundai Accent PDF Workshop, Service and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!!

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Hyundai Accent workshop manuals free download

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent Workshop Manuals Free Download

Title File Size Download Link
Hyundai Accent 1995 Service Manual.pdf 25.9Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 1997 system circuit wiring diagram.jpg 49.3kb Download
Hyundai Accent 2000 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.8Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2003 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 11.4Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2004 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 3.2Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2005 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 7.1Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2006 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 17.6Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2006 Service Repair Manual.pdf 41.6Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2007 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 10.6Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2008 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 9.4Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2009 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 8.8Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2010 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 10.2Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2011 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 14.8Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2012 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 6.4Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2013 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 8.5Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2014 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 33.1Mb Download


Hyundai Accent 2015 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 33.1Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2016 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 16.4Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2017 – Quick Reference Guide.pdf 16.9Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 2018 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 14Mb Download
Hyundai Accent 98 MFI Control System.doc 790kb Download
Hyundai Accent Blue 2014 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 6.3Mb Download
Hyundai Accent Blue 2015 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 37.1Mb Download
Hyundai Accent Blue 2017 – Owner’s Manual.pdf 34.4Mb Download
Hyundai Accent Electrical Troubleshooting Manual.rar 49.8Mb Download
Hyundai Accent Service Manual.rar 96.8Mb Download
Hyundai Accent SOHC Engine Components.pdf 491.6kb Download
Hyundai Accent Sport Shifter.pdf 1.3Mb Download

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent (in some countries is sold under the name Verna, in Russia the model is called Solaris, in Australia until 2000 with the name Excel) – a subcompact car manufactured by the South Korean company Hyundai Motor Company. Is produced in South Korea, India, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Iran.

First generation

Accent (X3) was first introduced in 1995 as a model replacing Hyundai Excel. In the Netherlands and Australia, he also bore the name of his predecessor Excel, and in France Pony. The car was produced in bodies: a sedan, a three- and five-door hatchback. The choice offered two petrol engines of 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters of 12V (60-99 hp).

Hyundai Accent X3 PDF manuals

Hyundai Accent X3

Hyundai Accent became the first independent development of the company. A new, rather modern design, simple construction and low price allowed Accent to win a market niche in many countries, including Russia. Was introduced in 1994. The new car was to become a serious bid in the European market.

Appearance Hyundai Accent of the first generation is made in the style of biodesign, which dominated in the mid-1990s in the automotive industry. For painting machines of the first generation, unusual colors were suggested, for example, lilac or pink. The car had enough brittle bumpers. The interior is made in rounded forms and had a well-thought-out ergonomics. The car was manufactured in several trim levels: from the cheapest, with one rear-view mirror, to expensive ones – with automatic transmission, air conditioning, hydraulic booster, electric windows and airbags.

The second generation

Since 2000, Hyundai has started producing an updated version of the Accent, which has an LC index, with more straight shapes and an enlarged interior space. In Korea, this model was sold under the new name Verna. In 2003, a small facelift was made, the model received the LC2 index.

Hyundai Accent LC

Hyundai Accent LC

The car received a new 1.3-liter 12-valve SOHC and a 1.5-liter 16-valve DOHC engines. Also for the first time appeared a diesel version with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbodiesel CRDi. In Europe and North America, Accent was available in the following versions: GL, GLS and GT with a 1.5 liter engine, and since 2003 with 1.6 liters. In Australia, GSi, CDX and MVi were available.

In India it was going to be held until 2013, in Russia until 2012 (at the TagAZ plant). Currently, still sold in Egypt.

In 2003, the plant began to release a restyling version. The dimensions have changed, the grid has again become iron. The issue ended in 2006.

Third Generation

In 2006, Hyundai introduced the fully updated Accent model. In Russia, this model was called Verna. The car was built on the same base as the Kia Rio. It had a new appearance, a new interior and a new CVVT engine with a volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters.

Hyundai Accent MC

Hyundai Accent MC

In Russia, this car did not become popular and in 2010 was withdrawn from production.

The fourth generation

The model was presented at the Beijing Motor Show in 2010. In comparison with the predecessor, it extended by 60 mm (up to 4340 mm), became wider by 5 mm (1700) and lower by 10 mm (1460). The distance between the axles increased by 70 mm (2570 mm). Front – McPherson struts, rear – semi-independent beam.

Hyundai Accent RB

Hyundai Accent RB

The engines are represented by two gasoline four-cylinder – 1.4 liters with a capacity of 107 liters. from. and 1.6 liters with a capacity of 123 liters. from. With engines, either a five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed automatic transmission is aggregated.

In all countries of sale, except for Russia and China, this model is referred to as Hyundai Accent (Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.). In Colombia and Israel, the model is called the Hyundai i25 Accent. In India – Hyundai Verna. In the People’s Republic of China the model is called Hyundai Verna, however, unlike India, here the car has a different shape of the front part of the body and another form of side mirrors. In Mexico, this model is called Dodge Attitude (but the Hyundai icon is saved). In Russia, the model was named Hyundai Solaris and was adapted to Russian conditions.

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