Alfa Romeo 155 PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

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Alfa Romeo 155 PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!

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Alfa Romeo 155 PDF Service Manuals

Alfa Romeo 155

AlfaRomeo 155 repair manual PDF free download

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The official manual on operation and repair of the car Alfa Romeo 155 1992-1997 of release in English. This manual will help you to repair the Alfa Romeo 155 car without assistance. Will allow to understand with the device of the car, will acquaint with the basic systems and knots.

Alfa Romeo 155 Repair Manua: Instrument Panel | Instrument Panel Brightness | Keys | Key Reminder Beeper | inspection | Lap / Shoulder Belts | Pregnant Women | Reminder Light | Replacement | Seats | Driver’s Lumbar Specifications | Speedometer | Starting the Engine | Tilt Steering | Stereo Sound System | Operation | Sunroof | Maintenance | Operation | Tachometer | Temperature Gauge | Coolant | Thermostat | Tilt Steering | Tire | Air | Pressure | Balancing | Chains | Changing a Flat Tire | COMPACT Spare | DOT Tire Quality Grades | Inflation Pressures | Rotation | Snow Tires | Spare Tire | Specification | Light | Control | Interior light | Jump Starting | Bulb Replacement | Fuse Brake | Power Replacement | Light Reminder Chime | Ignition | Warning and Indicator Light | Seat Belt Reminder Light and Beeper | Power Mirrors | Rear View Mirrors | Panel Tools | Brightness Control | oil Pressure Warning Light | Warning Light and Warning Beeper | Steering Anti-theft Column Lock | Four Wheel Steering | Power Steering | If the Retractable Headlights do not operate | Spark Plugs | Identification | Pressure | Tire | Interior Trim Care | Jack | Door Locks | Glove box | Trunk Lid Lock | Lap / Shoulder Belts | Operation | Fuel Filter Door | Doors | Glove Box | Trunk Lid | Anti-theft Steering Column | Lock | Lumbar Repair Support | Driver’s Maintenace Schedule | Manual Transmission | Maximum Allowable Speeds | Oil | Recommended Shift Speeds | Shifting | Meters | Gauges | Mirrors | Parking | Mirrors | Steering | Oil Filter | Radiator Coolant | Tires | Wiper Blades | Retractable Headlights | Rust Prevention | Safety Defects | Reporting | Safety items | Seat Belts | Anchor Points | Gear Box | Buckling the Front | Seat Belts | Buckling the Rear Seat Belts | Child Restraint | Cleaning | Towing | Towing Trailer | Service Transmission | Identification Number | Alfa Romeo 155 Repair Manual

Alfa Romeo 155 history

Alfa Romeo 155 – mid-size sedan, produced by the Italian company Alfa Romeo from 1992 to 1998. The model was introduced in January 1992 in Barcelona, and the first public appearance took place in March 1992 at the Geneva Motor Show. A total of 192,618 cars were produced.

In the production program, the 155th replaced the outdated 75th. Built on the widely used front-drive front-engine platform Tipo model of the parent company Fiat, the dimensions of the 155th exceeded the 75th, but retained the stylistic continuity. The design of the car was developed by the studio I.DE.A Institute, under the leadership of Ercoli Spada. Notable features of the design were exceptional streamlining – the coefficient of front air resistance at a speed of 144 km / h only 0.29, – and the volume trunk – 525 liters.

The main difference between the 155th and the 75th is the drive to the front wheels (at the 75th rear). This positively affected the price and completeness of the car, but many admirers of the brand and the automobile press were concerned that the abandonment of the rear-wheel layout would eventually lead to a “blurring” of Alfa Romeo’s sporting image, and the 155th was taken hostile.

The situation was corrected by modification 155 Q4 with turbo engine working volume of 2.0 liters and all-wheel drive transmission from the homologated rally car Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8v. Over time, the car got two new versions – “Sport” and “Super Sport”. “Sport” is a reduced mass, and more rigid shock absorbers, and “Super Sport” – additionally decorative furnish of an interior with a tree, shock-absorbers with electronic control and the improved seats.

Production of the 155th was discontinued in 1998 with the advent of the model 156. The departure of the 155th marked the end of the era of wedge-shaped design, which determined the appearance of all Alfa Romeo since 1977, from the Giulietta Nuova model.

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