How to read the fault codes on Acura cars?

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How to read the fault codes on Acura cars?

Acura OBDII connector

To read the fault code without a diagnostic device, you must:

  1. Find the diagnostic connector under the steering wheel (left or right, depending on whether the left-hand or right-hand drive).
  2. Connect the wires 4 or 9 with a wire or paper clip. If not, the fuse No. 46 (15A) in the block under the hood will burn.
  3. When the ignition is switched on (it does not need to start), the “CHECK ENGINE” lamp will start flashing, long blinks – the first digit of the error number, short blinks – the second one.

Errors can be read not only for engines, but also for other systems. Blink will be the corresponding light bulb on the panel of the fuses (gearbox, power steering, etc.).

Llennye blink – dozens, short – units. For example:

code 50 – 5 long blinks.
code 15 – 1 long and 5 short.
If there are several errors, then the codes go in turn (in order of appearance in the system), and then cycle through a long pause.

If there are no errors, the indicators will simply go out and will not blink.

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