How to decipher the fault codes for all models of Volvo?

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How to decipher the fault codes for all models of Volvo?

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Volvo Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Volvo fault codes

Car diagnosis

If you notice that the Check Engine light is on the instrument panel of your Volvo, or when the car is not working as it normally is, you should check the car for any problems. In particular, we are talking about self-diagnosis of a vehicle and decoding of error codes.

The instrument panel of the car Volvo. A lighted Service lamp indicates the need for a diagnosis

The instrument panel of the car Volvo. A lighted Service lamp indicates the need for a diagnosis

In Volvo cars, the appearance and location of the diagnostic connector depends on the vehicle’s year of manufacture. For example, to decode the error codes in cars Volvo, produced before 1995, you must use an old type connector. In cars manufactured after 1995, there is a special OBD-2 connector with sixteen contacts. Depending on the car model, the connector can be located in different places, but in any case it is in the car’s interior:

  • under the dashboard on the driver’s side;
  • inside the armrest;
  • opposite the shift lever;
  • next to the parking brake lever.
The location of the diagnostic connector in the Volvo car on the left side of the torpedo under the instrument panel. The photo shows a diagnostic connector of a new type (for cars after 1995 of release)

The location of the diagnostic connector in the Volvo car on the left side of the torpedo under the instrument panel. The photo shows a diagnostic connector of a new type (for cars after 1995 of release)

In the case of the OBD-2 connector, car enthusiasts should not have questions, but if there is an old type diagnostic connector in your car, then it will be useful to know that:

  • connector A1 is responsible for diagnosing the automatic transmission;
  • connector A2 is responsible for diagnosing the engine, in particular – the fuel system;
  • connector A3 – for checking the ABS unit;
  • connector A5 – for the diagnosis of automatic transmission – TCU;
  • connector A6 allows you to check the ignition system for malfunctions;
  • A7 allows you to check the instrument panel of the car;
  • connector В1 allows the motorist to check the efficiency of climate control and air conditioning;
  • connector В2 – to diagnose the speed-keeping system in automatic mode;
  • В5 – to check up working capacity of system of safety, in particular – pillows;
  • B6 is responsible for the operation of the seat control system.
Old type diagnostic connector in Volvo cars

Old type diagnostic connector in Volvo cars

To find out exactly where your Volvo has a connector for diagnosing error codes, we recommend that you use the operating manual for your car. How to make a diagnosis? This question is of interest to every owner of Volvo, faced with the need to decipher the combinations of faults. For this you need:

  1. Turn the ignition key without starting the engine.
  2. Insert the probe block for diagnosis into the socket pads (for models of cars produced before 1995). For machines manufactured after 1995, you need to connect the indicator to the OBD-2 connector. In particular, the positive terminal should be connected to the 16th connector, and the minus one to the fourth connector, simultaneously connecting the probe to the socket with the corresponding block for diagnostics.
  3. Next, you need to press the button located on the indicator (it is not necessary to hold it for a long time).
  4. The LED light will start to flash: with its help you need to read the error codes and decode them.
Indicator with LED lamp for diagnostic purposes

Indicator with LED lamp for diagnostic purposes

Take into account the fact that self-diagnosis can be inaccurate. The on-board computer may not display a fault. To obtain more accurate information on faults, it is recommended to diagnose the vehicle on specialized equipment.

Explanation of fault codes

Consider a description of the combinations of errors that can occur when diagnosing Volvo cars. In fact, these codes – not one thousand, but all of them we will not consider. We will take time only for those combinations that are most often found in Volvo cars. So, let’s get started.

Sensor errors

Combination Decoding
R-0100 P 0103 Control unit Volvo reports about faults in the wiring of the sensor air flow control. One of these combinations may indicate a fault element. You should check out jelektrocep or replace the device.
R 0105-P 0108 Such codes were introduced in the diagnosis of Volvo, testify about breakdown of air pressure monitoring devices in the system. Also with the pressure sensor can be wrong signal, which indicates the chain breakage or short circuit. If the chain has perepajannye sites, you should check first.
R-0110 P 0113 These codes indicate a high or low signal coming from the intake air temperature control devices. You should check the sensor for proper operation and wiring for breaks and circuits.
R-0115 R 0118 Computer fixed incorrect work or failure of temperature control sensor antifreeze in the cooling system. You should replace the sensor.
R 0120 Out first position sensor throttle body. You should replace the item.
(P) 0121-R 0123 One of these combinations is indicative of incorrect incoming signal from the TPS. In this case, you also need to check the wiring or replace the sensor.
R 0125 Control Unit reports a too low temperature of the refrigerant in the cooling system.
(P) 0137-R 0141 One such error is reported by the car owner on too low or high signal flow with oxygen sensor.
(P) 0142-R 0147 Volvo control unit malfunction has been fixed in the third oxygen sensor. To eliminate the error, replace the device.
ECM-4400 This often occurs when diagnosing car Volvo Xc90 crossovers. It testifies to the erroneous signal, incoming from the device controls the fuel level in the tank. The sensor should be replaced with a new one. Can also be derived from this code, such as ECM, ECM with 440 440 and so they tell the car owner about invalid incoming signal to the control unit with the above sensor.
R 0178-R 0179 Fixed too low or too high a signal coming from a device Snh. Especially, this error does not affect the operation of the vehicle as a whole, but if you choose to reset all the errors, it is better to replace sensor.

 Engine Fault codes for Volvo

Code Description
R-P 0171 0172 On-board computer registered too low or high levels of combustible mixture in the engine Volvo. It could also mean unmetered air. Error characteristic models of Volvo FH12.
R 0173 This code indicates that the control unit fixed leak of gasoline from the fuel system of the second cylinder motor. Fuel leak must be eliminated.
R 0174-0175 P Combustible mixture of the second block of cylinders too lean or rich.
R 0200 The control unit has registered a fault in the control circuit wiring engine nozzles. Should make a thorough diagnosis of wiring for breaks and circuits.
R-0201 P 0212 One of these combinations of reports that a motorist in one of the control circuit of twelve injectors problem, that is the wrong message may be either fixed chain breakage or short circuit.
R-R 0213 0214 Data combinations indicate encountered closing circuit or breakages of managing one of two cold start injector.
R 0215 Control Unit reports on the failure of the solenoid switch off motor cars. Often this occurs in vehicles Volvo S80.
R 0216 The control unit of the car reported breakage control injection timing chain wiring.
R 0217 On-board computer recorded the overheating of the motor car. Typically, in such cases, car owners check the level of coolant temperature. If everything is in order and not soiled by antifreeze boils, then you need to replace the temperature control sensor.
R 0218 Car control unit informs the motorist on overheating transmission system. In such cases, some motorists parse gearbox, to verify whether the transmission oil temperature too high. But, as a rule, the problem lies in the incorrect operation of the temperature sensor. So its worth replacing.
R 0219 This combination is indicative of unduly high rpm operation of the motor. You may need sensor adjustment idle speed.
R-R 0246 0243 Such combination in diagnosing car report car owner about the failure of the solenoid bolt exhaust first turbine. Data errors can mean an incorrect signal coming from an item. The solenoid can be both closed and open.
R-R 0247 0250 The emergence of one of the following codes when troubleshooting a Volvo indicates that solenoid exhaust shutter the second turbine is faulty. Such errors can mean an incorrect signal coming from an item. The solenoid can be both closed and open.
R 0251 This code means the failure of the first injection pump turbines.
R 0231-R 0233 The control unit has registered incorrect signal from the secondary circuit of a gasoline pump. You should check the wiring for breakages, to eliminate the error.
R 0261-R 0263 This combination means failure of the driver of the first nozzle of the engine or the wrong message from her. You need to check the operation of the driver and, if necessary, replace it.
R-R 0264 0266 The second driver is faulty motor nozzles or fixed a problem with the circuit element.
R R 0296-0267 One of these combinations means failure of the third driver is the twelfth of the nozzle. Such codes may indicate problems in the work of the circuits. Need more thoroughly diagnose wiring to reveal it cuts or circuit or replace the driver. In some cases, you may need to replace the injector directly.
P 0300 Volvo control unit informs the driver about the registered passes the ignition.
P 0301-R 0312 Vehicle on-board computer recorded a misfire in one of the twelve cylinders of the engine.
R 0380 Control unit incorporated broken one of the glow plug. In addition, this code may indicate a malfunction in the heating circuit. We recommend that you check the circuit or replace one of the candles.
R 0381 This combination may also refer to the failure of one of the candles of the engine. But, in addition, it may indicate a failure of the heating indicator device.

 Removing errors

If you have considered and decoded the error combinations, and also eliminated the breakdown, then it is necessary to erase the code from the on-board computer memory. Otherwise, it will be shown again, which can mislead the motorist.

  1. It is necessary to press and hold the button on the indicator for more than 5 seconds.
  2. Then you need to release the button and wait until the light on the device starts to burn continuously. As a rule, it burns for about 10 seconds. In this case, the LED should not blink.
  3. After that, press the button again on the indicator and wait about 5 seconds, but not less.
  4. Release the button. If you did everything correctly, then the lamp goes out.
  5. The indicator should blink three times (a combination of 1-1-1) – this indicates that errors in the on-board computer memory are not detected. If you do something wrong, repeat the steps from the first paragraph.
  6. Switch off ignition and disconnect for 10 seconds the minus terminal of the storage battery.

The process of diagnosing and erasing errors can be considered complete. Remember that the list of combinations and malfunctions in Volvo vehicles can be supplemented, since the car manufacturer can introduce new combinations with the release of new models.

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