Chrysler Diagnostic Trouble Codes

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Chrysler Diagnostic Fault Codes list

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Chrysler Fault Codes list

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P1101 HCM / PCM Communication Performance
P1103 Gate Waste Turbocharger Drive Fault
P1104 Waste Turbocharger Gate Electromagnetic Malfunction
P1105 Fuel Pressure Electromagnetic Malfunction
P1195 S2 Sensor S2 Transmitter Slow Switching Sensor One monitoring progress with catalyst
P1196 Slow switchover of the O2 sensor of the bank two sensors one catalyst During monitoring

P1197 Slow Switching Sensor O2 Bank One Sensor Two During Catalyst Monitoring
P1198 Heatsink temperature sensor Input voltage too high
P1199 Heatsink temperature sensor Input voltage too low
P1281 cold engine too long
P1282 Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit
P1283 Idle selection signal for invalid fuel
P1284 High-pressure fuel pump Battery voltage sensor out of range
p1285 fuel injection pump controller always

p1286 Accelerator pedal position sensor (Apps) Supply voltage too high
P1287 Fuel Pump Low Voltage Controller
P1288 Intake Manifold Short Range Adjustment Valve Runner
P1289 collector tune solenoid valve circuit
P1290 CNG pressure in the fuel system is too high
p1291 No Temp growth seen from the consumption of heaters
p1292 CNG Pressure sensor Too high voltage
P1293 CNG Pressure sensor too low voltage
p1294 The purpose of idle time has not reached
p1295 No. 5 volts to the throttle position sensor
P1296 No 5 volts to the sensor card
p1297 No change in the MAP sensor from start to start
P1298 lean work with full throttle
P1299 Vacuum Leak Detection (MAC Stop)
P1300 ignition timing adjustment circuit failure
P1388 Automatic shutdown of the relay control circuit
P1389 No output of ASD voltage relay on PCM
P1390 No one or more tooth missing
P1391 frequent interruption of CMP or CKP
P1398 Mis-Fire Adaptive Numerator in Limit (PCM is not able to recognize the crank signal of the sensors
for use in preparation for diagnostic misfire
P1399 wait to start the lamp chain
P1403 No 5 volt feed for exhaust gas recirculation
P1475 Auxiliary 5 volt supply not too high
P1476 Too little secondary air
P1477 Too much secondary air
P1478 Battery Temp Sensor Volt Out of Limit
P1479 P1480 PCV Circuit Relay Circuit Solenoid Circuit Relay
P1481 EATX (Electronic Automatic Box) RPM Pulse Generator Performance
P1482 Catalyst Temperature sensor short circuit in low circuit
P1483 Catalyst Temperature sensor short circuit in high voltage circuit
P1484 Catalyst overheats detected
P1485 Air injection of the solenoid circuit
P1486 EVAP Leak detected monitor clamped hose
P1487 Hi Speed ​​Fan # 2 Circuit
P1488 Auxiliary 5 volt power output too low
P1489 High Speed ​​Fan Relay Control Circuit
P1490 Low speed fan relay control circuit
P1491 The fan relay control circuit
P1492 Ambient / Battery Temp Sensor Input voltage too high
P1493 Ambient / Temp Sensor battery input voltage too low
P1494 Leakage switch for pressure sensing pump or mechanical failure
P1495 leakage circuit solenoid pump
P1496 5 volts supply, output too low
p1498 High Speed ​​Heatsink Fan Ground Control Circuit Relay Terminal P1500 General Circuit Generator ‘FR’ Fault

P1594 Charging system Voltage too high
P1595 Solenoid control circuit speed
P1596 Speed ​​switch is always high
P1597 Speed ​​switch is always low
P1598 A / C Pressure sensor Input voltage too high
P1599 / C Pressure sensor input voltage too low
P1680 clutch released circuit breaker
P1681 No I / P cluster CCD / J1850 messages received
P1682 Charging system too low voltage
P1683 Speed ​​control servo control
P1684 battery has been disconnected during the last 50 starts
P1685 skim (Smart Key Immobilizer Module) received an invalid key
P1686 No skim (Smart Key Immobilizer Module) no message bus received
P1687 No Mechanical communication bus devices
P1688 Internal Fuel Pump Failure Controller
P1689 No connection between ECM and fuel pump module
P1690 Fuel Injection Pump The crankshaft position sensor does not agree with the ECM CKP sensor
P1691 Fuel pump calibration controller error
P1692 Malfunction in the companion The engine control unit
P1693 companion DTC was not installed both in ECM and PCM

P1694 No CCD messages from PCM-Aisin gears
P1695 No CCD Message from the control module body
P1696 PCM failure of EEPROM is denied
P1697 PCM Failure SRI (Service Reminder indicator) mileage is not stored
P1698 No CCD messages from TCM P1719 Skip chain solenoid shift
P1740 TCC solenoid or overdrive solenoid performance
p1756 the pressure regulator is not equal to the target at 15 -20 PSI
P1757 governor pressure above 3 PSI at 0 PSI is requested
P1762 governor pressure sensor displacement of the wrong voltage
P1763 Pressure sensor governor voltage high
P1764 governor pressure sensor voltage to
P1765 Transmission 12 volts of the control circuit of the power relay

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