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Toyota owners manual

Toyota owners manuals download PDF On this page you will find links to various owners manuals and manuals for cars of Toyota. Official factory manuals of Toyota, dedicated to certain models. Toyota (Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Jidosha KK), Japanese automotive company, which is a part of the financial and industrial group Toyota. One of the largest automobile companies… Read More »

ELM327 WiFi

Adapter ELM327 WiFi OBDII ELM327 WIFI is a universal wireless adapter for car diagnostics using the OBDII protocol. Compatible with most cars since 1996, equipped with an OBDII connector. Supports CAN bus. Improved adapter circuitry! The latest version of the WiFi-module and a high-quality fee. Adapters on the ELM327 chip are the most affordable and easy way to… Read More »

OBDII Fault codes

Transcripts of the majority of OBD II fault codes For a detailed description of the fault codes, as well as the causes of their occurrence, we recommend that you look in the technical documentation that comes with your car. Below are the transcripts of the majority of OBD II fault codes. Nowadays, cars are equipped with electronic control… Read More »

How to read the fault codes on Acura cars?

How to read the fault codes on Acura cars? To read the fault code without a diagnostic device, you must: Find the diagnostic connector under the steering wheel (left or right, depending on whether the left-hand or right-hand drive). Connect the wires 4 or 9 with a wire or paper clip. If not, the fuse No. 46 (15A)… Read More »

Acura MDX Fault codes

Acura MDX Diagnostic Fault codes P0101 – Mass airflow sensor signal output for a permissible range P0102 – Mass air flow sensor circuit low P0103 – Mass air flow sensor circuit high P0106 ​​- Absolute pressure sensor signal output beyond permissible range P0107 – Inlet air absolute pressure sensor circuit low P0108 – Intake Air Absolute Pressure Sensor… Read More »

Acura service manuals

Acura service manuals Your attention is given to repair manuals for the most popular Acura models. Acura Owner’s manuals look here. Acura 1994 Integra Service Manual (PDF) Acura 2002 RSX Service Manual (PDF) Acura CSX 2008 Service Manuals Acura EL 1997-2000 Service Manuals Acura Engine G25A Service Manuals Acura Integra 1986 Service Manuals Acura Integra 1990 Service Manuals… Read More »

Acura PDF manuals

Acura PDF Owners Manuals The Acura category includes the most popular Acura repair manuals, the Acura manuals for maintenance and operation, the Acura book on the device, maintenance and repair. Acura 1991 Legend – Sedan Owner’s Manual (PDF) Acura 1991 NSX Owner’s Manual (PDF) Acura 1995 NSX Online Reference Owner’s Manual (PDF) Acura 1997 NSX Online Reference Owner’s… Read More »